4 Way Energy
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You can earn money through Solar PV
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Want to be in control of running costs?
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Guarantee your fuel costs for 20 years

4 Way Energy is an energy conservation company providing a complete service with expertise in developing and sourcing high-quality low-carbon solutions to help organisations reduce harmful omissions and improve energy efficiency – whether it’s supply-only, or a full turnkey service.

We will provide:


  •   Realistic energy saving
  •   Realistic return on investment
  •   Easy funding options , including off-balance sheet leasing
  •   Free site survey and evaluation
  •   Design
  •   Fully compliant installations
  •   Products and solutions for most energy saving applications
  •   Proven savings through real time power consumption monitoring

Government legislation and energy efficiency targets and mounting fuel bills – combined with all  this means, there has never been a greater need for trusted energy efficient technologies to reduce energy consumption.

Our knowledge of energy saving techniques and technologies is helping some of Britain’s organisations to reduce their CO2 emissions and save money.

We can also help many to reduce the maintenance burden.

Looking to save energy, or your money back

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