Finance | 4 Way Energy


4 Way Energy can provide customers with a range of finance options to fund their projects. The benefits of our finance service include:

  • We can provide a quick and efficient service in regards to decisions/processes/finance approvals.
  • We can offer an ‘Off Balance Sheet’ finance facility to the client – Which means it will not show as an outstanding debt in the company’s Accounts.
  • If you the client chooses the above option it will not show up on any credit report – Therefore the company may get further funding if its required in the future.
  • We also offer Hire Purchase.
  • 100% Finance, including installation costs
  • No deposit required (unless you our client wants to put one in!)
  • No Charges against Land or Property.
  • Fixed monthly payments.
  • Excellent interest rate of around 7%.
  • An Asset Finance Agreement is also fully tax deductible. After tax relief (which is the true cost to the clients business) the rate is only around 1.9%.
  • We can arrange finance to all Commercial projects from £10,000 to £1 Million +
  • We can start the process for you.